We need High Quality Education

Carolina Granados
3 min readAug 4, 2020
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High quality education is the key for changing the world: countries that invest in the education of their population report better life quality; kids that have access to good education, have better job opportunities and when we pursue learning as a priority in our lives, our communities benefit from it. When we choose education and health as the pillars of our society substantial changes happen.

It is not a coincidence that countries ranked by the HDR (Human Development Reports of the UN) as the top places to live like Norway, Switzerland, Australia and Sweden, are listed as the best educated countries since 1990 (HDR, 2020). Norway, for example, “invests more than the 30% of its Gross Domestic Product per capita on educational institutions” (OECD, 2019, pg. 3). This is a proven fact that when countries decide to spend their resources in educating their population, they become better places for living.

“ An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

-Benjamin Franklin-

It is also known that when kids have access to high quality education, they can change their future. They allow themselves to dream with better jobs than the ones their parents have, they can aspire to achieve a better life; they live without fear of the future because they are actually the owners of their destiny. When kids have access to better education, their mind grows in knowledge and self confidence: nothing is impossible. The rates of unemployment in countries that invest in education like Japan or Finland, are lower than the rest of the world, as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (2018) says:

“Having a good education greatly improves the likelihood of finding a job and earning enough money to have a good quality of life. Highly-educated individuals are less affected by unemployment trends, typically because educational attainment makes an individual more attractive in the workforce”. (OECD, 2018)

Communities grow healthier when their population is well educated. Kids that grow with the awareness of cooperation, good values, and common wellness, become adults that constantly help to build a better environment. It is well known that people always want to give back to their community what they…



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